ALPSP Learned Journals Collection subscription bundles


The ALPSP Learned Journals Collection (ALJC) is a unique collection of high quality electronic content from ALPSP member publishers. With 657 journals from 47 publishers the ALJC offers you an affordable and flexible manner to access a wealth of valuable content. Alongside the full collection, subject packages are also available giving you even more flexibility and choice. The 2013 ALJC Collection subjects cover:

  • Archaeology & History - 81 titles
  • Law - 58 titles
  • Life Sciences - 52 titles
  • Linguistics & Arts - 133 titles
  • Medicine - 83 titles
  • Religion & Philosophy - 92 titles
  • Science - 104 titles
  • Social Sciences - 194 titles
  • Technology - 102 titles

The ALJC is available exclusively via Swets and whether you are acting on behalf of a consortium or representing a single library, the ALJC gives you a single source to obtain high quality content from specialist publishers without having to open negotiations with each one separately.


  • Unique Cross-publisher package
  • Affordable, flexible solution  
  • Back access from 1997 at no extra cost  
  • Multi-year license agreements: Fixed annual price increase
  • Special consortia arrangements available

Contact us today if you’d like to add this award winning collection to your portfolio or visit the ALJC website to examine the collection in more detail.

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