Decision Support In Medicine - Critical Information at point of care

Decision Support in Medicine

Critical information, delivered simply at the point-of-care.

Clinicians working at the point-of-care (POC) are under immense pressure to diagnose and treat their patients in the most effective way, and according to the best knowledge available. Supplying the right information at the right time to back up and supplement the existing knowledge of clinicians is a feature of the modern healthcare institution.

Decision Support in Medicine (DSM) is a new, simple information service that helps clinicians make the right decisions at point-of-care. Authored and edited by leading healthcare professionals across 28 specialties, it encompasses the latest expert advice sourced from up-to-date procedures, guidelines and evidence-based research.

Benefits for libraries and clinical users

  • Affordable alternative to traditional POC information tools
  • Authoritative information written by leading experts in each clinical specialty
  • Simple, streamlined and lightweight format for maximum usability
  • Deploy the information centrally so all users share the same critical information

Simple interface, easy to use information

DSM is all about the quality of information provided when clinicians most need it. For this reason, the interface and layout of the information is simple, uncluttered and rapid to access, unlike other POC tools which can be too complex to be truly useful in the short time windows clinicians have with each patient.

Written by leading clinical experts

Across over 25 clinical specialties, DSM’s editors, associate editors and authors are leaders in their fields, and have compiled the content in the DSM programs based on the best available evidence, procedures, guidelines and experience. Content is updated when these change, not according to artificial update schedules.

An affordable resource for your medical library

Most medical libraries offer at least one POC information tool for their clinicians to use, which often means expensive subscriptions and other hidden charges. DSM is different. Our pricing structure is simple and transparent, and the tool is low in cost compared to other products on the market.

Support your clinical users with the right information

DSM is a brand new product on the market focused on providing expert advice on a wide range of clinical specialties to support the multiple decisions being made by your medical professionals at the point of care every day.

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