Electronic Data Interchange and eProcurement

EDI and eProcurement

Nobody wants to waste precious time on repetitive admin tasks. Why not cut the time you spend administrating transactional data such as invoices, claims and packing slips by using our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and eProcurement (ePro) services? Remove the need for manual input and use EDI to automate the process of handling and transferring invoices, claims and check-in data. This means you’ll free up your time for more important things, like providing a better service to your users.

Your data will be kept up-to-date and accurate without you having to worry about it, and without the risk of human error. Compatible with more than 15 library systems, EDI also gives you access to valuable usage statistics to aid decision-making.

Key benefits for libraries

  • Streamline your workflow and save time on repetitive admin tasks
  • Keep your systems up-to-date and eliminate human error
  • Manage your subscription spend and cut costs

Procurement made easy

Use our ePro services to help you perfect your procurement processes and reduce costs. With SwetsWise, our online information management and procurement platform, you’ll be able to manage every aspect of the procurement process for every kind of content, all in one place. Our services cater for different approval cycles and are compatible with ARIBA, SAP and other business software.

Stay on top of subscriptions

Journals, eBooks, magazines, newspapers, online databases - the list of subscriptions you pay for is likely to be long and difficult to manage. We can handle the technical details behind each transaction, send you renewal reminders and allow you to set up approval cycles that suit you - all using cXML and xCBL industry standards.

A team of specialists for a smooth transition

You’ll have our dedicated team of EDI specialists at your disposal throughout the process of making the transition to EDI. They’ll ensure adherence to best practice, as well as collaborating with your tech team, drawing up guidelines and providing on-going support.

Industry standards

Our services conform to a range of industry interoperability standards, including EDIFACT, ONIX, cXML and xCBL. With our EDI services, you’ll also be able to download SUSHI-compliant usage statistics and COUNTER-compliant data reports.

Find out how to improve your workflow today

It’s easy to start the process of streamlining your workflow. To find out more about our popular EDI and eProcurement services, download our factsheet below or request a consultation.

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