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Mendeley Institutional Edition

Offer a better service to your researchers at the same time as giving you access to all-important usage data with the powerful Mendeley Institutional Edition, powered by Swets.

At a time when online search engines offer academics unprecedented access to content from a huge range of different sources, and almost unlimited collaboration opportunities, it falls to libraries to increase their level of service if they are to remain at the heart of the research community. We offer sophisticated technology that allows you to do just that, in the form of the hugely popular Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE), powered by Swets.

A key part of the selection management process, MIE gives you the real-time content usage insights you need in order to be able to make the best decisions on whether to renew, cancel or change content to a different format. You’ll also be able to offer a better service to your researchers by giving them a user-friendly portal in which to exchange research ideas and resources, as well as helping save them valuable time by enabling them to create automatic bibliographies.

Key benefits for libraries

  • Offer a better service to your researchers
  • Gain access to in-depth content usage statistics
  • Save valuable time and money

A digital environment that allows ideas to flourish

Within its user-friendly interface, MIE offers researchers their own premium accounts, giving them the benefit of personal and group storage space for their research documents. This easy-to-use dashboard enables easy exchange of ideas, research and resources, allowing better collaboration.

State-of-the-art reference management

The other major benefit of MIE for researchers is that it gives them the ability to save academic citations, which can then be imported to Microsoft Word in a pre-formatted bibliography. This cuts out the process of manually writing a bibliography, saving valuable research time and boosting productivity.

Save money with content usage insights

You’ll find the real-time content usage insights offered by MIE to be invaluable as part of your selection and collection management process. The powerful data insights offered on your dashboard will immediately show you which content is most popular, putting you in a strong position to make informed decisions on whether content or subscriptions should be renewed, cancelled, or taken on in a different format.

Find out where your members are publishing

Thanks to MIE’s advanced analytics, you can connect content usage with subsequent research publications by identifying the publications in which your members are publishing their research. You’ll even be able to see research impact analytics, data that shows you how well-read your researchers’ publications are. This gives you concrete evidence to prove the worth of your library within your institution - valuable data when library budgets are increasingly being stretched.

Become part of the future of academic research today

If you’re still not convinced of the all-round benefits of MIE, watch our videos and click the buttons below to have a read of our white paper or download a brochure that gives you even more information on this industry-leading tool. You can also click the button to request a demonstration by filling in a simple online form.

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