SwetsWise helps you acquire, access and manage library resources

SwetsWise helps you manage your subscriptions

There’s a reason why SwetsWise is widely acknowledged to be the world’s most comprehensive and sophisticated information procurement and management tool - it provides everything you need to acquire, access, manage and evaluate subscriptions.

Try it yourself and you’ll soon see why thousands of libraries and government, corporate and medical institutions around the world trust SwetsWise to help them effectively acquire, access and manage content and offer a better service to their users.

SwetsWise gives you:
  • Quick and easy access to your entire collection and subscriptions
  • The biggest available catalog of eBooks, journals and other professional information
  • Complete control over budget, access rights and license agreements
  • Valuable usage statistics and reports to aid decision-making

SwetsWise helps you create an environment more conducive to research and allows you to retain a key role within your institution. At a time when budgets are being stretched, this powerful platform gives you access to the data you need to prove and increase the value of your collection. What’s more, you’ll benefit from a lighter workload and improved processes, saving valuable time and money.

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