SwetsWise Linker

SwetsWise Linker


Provide maximum access to all your licensed content

For a library collection to be effective and worthwhile, it’s crucial to ensure that all content is easy for users to access, no matter where it’s located online.

SwetsWise Linker is a powerful and intuitive Open URL Link Resolver that provides users with instant access to licensed content across any number of online repositories, ensuring maximum visibility of all the content in your collection.

Key benefits of SwetsWise Linker
  • The easy way to discover content availability within each resource
  • Automatic pre-population and maintenance of all SwetsWise subscriptions
  • Extensive online reporting to track content usage

With seamless direct links to over 90,000 journals and more than 700 e-journal aggregators and secondary databases, SwetsWise Linker offers complete access to all your licensed content and a smoother experience for those who need to use it. You’ll save time thanks to its automatic pre-population and maintenance of all your SwetsWise subscriptions, but you’ll still have the flexibility to upload and update additional collection information manually - so you retain full control. You’ll get automatic weekly updates of your entire knowledgebase, and you’ll also benefit from extensive online reporting that allows you to track content usage and ascertain return on investment.

If you’d like to use this powerful tool to increase access to the content in your library, contact us today or download our SwetsWise Linker factsheet from the Information Center.

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Increase access to the content in your collection with the simple yet powerful SwetsWise Linker, an Open URL Link Resolver that gives your users instant access to all your licensed content, across any number of online locations.

SwetsWise Linker simplifies the process of accessing content by providing:

  • An intuitive end-user search interface 
  • Seamless access to all of your print and electronic content 
  • A customizable holdings list from the most comprehensive knowledgebase available 
  • Complete statistics reporting 
  • A fully customizable interface 
  • Full integration with other SwetsWise products and your existing infrastructure 

SwetsWise Linker offers administrative tools which allow you to customize your list to match your library’s holdings, and more, putting you in control of your content.

Features include:

  • Test links - a tool which provides you with a variety of OpenURL links for use in testing your link resolver
  • Usage monitor - produces statistical reports about how your patrons are using the link resolver
  • Utils - tells you which subscription packages you have enabled, and how many titles you have enabled in each major subject category. Plus several tools allow you to view your title lists, perform an overlap analysis, and a provider package comparison
  • Title list admin - lets you control which subscription packages, or package subsets, such as those you may subscribe to via Gale Group or Proquest, will be accessible via your resolver. Choose your titles and packages from the most comprehensive knowledgebase in the industry
  • Local Holdings - lets you edit, upload or download Local Holdings title lists - e.g. print holdings, local resources, etc.

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